Questions & Answers

  • Q: Do you mark up items? No, we do not re-sell items. Customers will receive the receipt from their personal shopping request when they receive their items in-person. Prices and rates can be confirmed at that time.
  • Q: Do you charge handling fees? A 2,000Won per item handling fee is assessed when items are ordered from our online shopping mall and require shipping options utilizing third party logistics companies such as: Hanjin, CJ, Lotte, Postal Service etc. within the peripheries of the country or abroad. Items are not assessed individual handling fees for local deliveries. All fees are built into the local delivery rate.
  • Q: Why are handling fees assessed? SoKo Moves does not maintain inventory at a storage facility. Although, a logistics company will ultimately complete the delivery, we still enter Costco when your order is received in order to retrieve your items which are then packaged and sent to you.
  • Q: Are transaction fees ever exacted? Our online payment gateway will accept major international and local credit cards. If a customer chooses to pay with a credit card, a 4% transaction fee will be added to the total shopping and delivery tally in order to recoup all costs of the items procured and for services rendered.
  • Q: Are fees assessed for packaging? Yes, if an order requires boxes and bubble wrap. The cost of materials will be included in the shipping costs.
  • Q: Can packaging costs vary? Yes, if customers are open to using well-conditioned recycled boxes, costs for packaging may be minimized. SoKo Moves is always looking for ways to do it’s part in an effort to reduce it’s carbon footprint.
  • Q: If several items are shipped at once, is bundling possible to decrease shipping costs? Yes, when it’s possible to comfortably ship various items together, bundling is possible.
  • Q: When is bundling not possible? When the amount of items exceeds comfortable packaging and shipping limits based on the weight and size of items.
  • Q: Are items retrieved from Costco each time an order is received? Yes, SoKo Moves is an “On-Demand” service and we don’t maintain inventory at a private storage facility.
  • Q: Do you ship perishables via third party logistics companies? No, as of now, SoKo Moves, when within our means, will strive to maintain a minimal carbon footprint and preserve the environment. If it becomes possible to ship perishables in an eco-friendly manner, we may consider options in the future. Perishable items available for order from Costco’s Online Platform or other online supermarket platforms that ship directly can be shipped.
  • Q: Are prices indicated on the website always the same as actual-current Costco Prices? Unfortunately no, but SoKo Moves will always strive to update the prices of inventory as quickly as possible. Costco is always changing the cost of it’s in-store inventory and customers will always pay the going in-store rates (sometimes prices on our site are listed lower, higher or in-between real-time costs). Please consider our prices online a flexible guideline and your final total will be adjusted. 
  • Q: Does SoKo Moves provide receipts for items procured? Yes, your receipt for the items purchased will be provided along with a receipt for services provided by SoKo Moves.
  • Q: Does SoKo Moves only personal shop Costco? No, we can procure items from other supermarkets as well as per a customer’s request but our main focus does tend to be Costco.
  • Q: Does SoKo Moves ship internationally? Yes, we do depending on the country when possible. Please inquire.
  • Q: What is the refund policy? Refunds are possible for defective products products or products which a customer is not satisfied with. The customer needs to send us the original product.
  • Q: What are the time limits on refunds? Items must be returned to SoKo Moves within 14 days from the original day of receipt and your payment will be refunded within 7 business days.
  • Q: Who is responsible for return-shipping for refunded products? Customers are responsible for return-shipping costs unless special arrangements have been made with SoKo Moves.