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*Important Delivery Notes:

  • Third Party Delivery Or Directly Through A Vendor Can Be Arranged For Most Packages Or Services But Delivery & Handling Fees May Vary
  • If You Don’t Reside In The Seoul Metropolitan Area Feel Free To Inquire With Us Anyway As We May Be Able To Provide Support For An Item Or Service Located In The Surrounding Seoul Area Or Seek Out Solutions For You In Your Area
  • Delivery & Handling Rates And Fees Are Subject To Change At Any Time Based On Fluctuating Market Conditions
Location 71 Gyesansae-Ro, Gyeyang-Gu, Incheon, Korea, A-Dong 917-Ho/인천 게양구 계산새로 71 A동 917호 Phone 032-262-4435 Owner/주인: NAHAS DOMINIC FRANCIS-나하스 도미닉 프란씨스 E-mail Hours MON-FRI: 9AM-9PM SAT: 9AM-9PM **Company Info/사업 정보**: 상호- 쏘코무브스/SoKo Moves 사업자등록번호/Business License Number: 258-49-00501 통신판매업신고증/E-Commerce Vendor Certificate: 제 2019-인천계양-0271 호
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